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Hill-Vue Farm Open House for 2017 will be held on Monday, October 23, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. local time at the farm. Top 2016 bulls and heifers will be offered. None will be sold prior to the sale.

Typical animals to be sold:

  • Angus Bulls at 18+ months old
  • Polled Hereford Bulls at 18+ months old
  • Angus Heifers at 18 months old; Bred to Angus
  • Angus Heifers at 16 months old; Open
  • Polled Hereford Heifers at 18 months; Bred to Polled Hereford
  • Polled Hereford Heifers at 16 months; Open

auction tableThe cattle will be in their sale pens for viewing a few days before the sale date.  Cattle will not be groomed, clipped, or fluffed.  Animals will remain in their pens for viewing and will not be run through a sale ring at time of bidding. Auction will take place in the old barn below the old white house.

All interested buyers are requested to register before the sale and be assigned a numbered bidding card.  Sale info, records, sign-up, and payment are all to be done in the old white house.

Free lunch will be provided at High Noon in the old barn.

Health certificates will be provided.  Registration certificates will be transferred.  Payment settlement will be required at the end of the sale (cash or check).  Any insurance desired will be the responsibility of the buyer.  Each animal will be at the purchaser’s risk immediately after the animal is sold. All cattle sold will be per the terms and conditions of the American Angus Association or the American Hereford group

If a problem develops with a purchased bull within 6 months from purchase and the diagnosis is not correctable, a credit amount equal to the purchase price less salvage value of the animal will be applied toward a future purchase. All females selling that are determined to be safe in calf will sell that way and will carry no further guarantee.

Detailed sale data and sale catalogs will be available.

Announcements from the auction block regarding the cattle selling in the sale take precedence over information listed on this website or in the sales catalog.cjh sale

Carrol Cannon, Auctioneer
229-881-0721 (cell)

For additional help regarding animal sales or program information, please contact us.

Come to see us! We hope you will enjoy a visit to our farm and the North Georgia Mountains.