Bud HillIn 1954 at the age of 16 with money he earned mowing yards and delivering the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Bud Hill bought the first 40 acres of what eventually would become Hill-Vue Farm. Bud teamed up with his brother Bob and their father Clyde and ventured into raising Polled Hereford cattle in the late 1960’s. Bud was eventually drawn to Mr. Neil Trask and his linebred Plato Domino Polled Herefords of South Carolina. Eventually gaining Mr. Trask’s confidence, Bud bought some excellent foundation cows to build from, and along the way, Bud was able to buy some of Mr. Trask’s older herd bulls which Trask was done using.

Bud carried the Plato Domino line back to Hill-Vue and continued Trask’s linebreeding philosophy of breeding for type, size, function, and direction. The net result from Hill-Vue Polled Herefords line breeding efforts are grass cattle and natural foragers. Mature cattle stay in shape, are easy keepers, docile, deep bodied, and not too “framey.”

The strong demand for Angus cattle pushed Bud to find an Angus cattle program similar in philosophy and management to his Hereford program. His goal was to linebreed Angus, too. Bud found the Graham Angus Farm in Albany, Georgia and soon became good friends with Mr. Bill Graham and his farm manager, Jimmy Bowles. Bud frequented the Graham’s annual sales laying a foundation for Hill-Vue’s Angus herd of today.

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