A no nonsense approach!

  1. We believe in the survival of the fittest.
  1. Brood cows must perform on grass in season and hay in the Winter.
  1. Calving occurs in the Spring.
  1. Calves are not creep fed.
  1. Upon weaning, calves are fed limited grain and hay through the Winter.
  1. At yearling stage the following year, spring heifers and bulls are put on grass only.
  1. Full vaccinations, worming, weighing, ultrasounds, pregnancy testing, and semen testing are done for the sale cattle. We have a full, complete health program for the herd.
  1. Cow size is adequately above the middle of the road.
  1. black calfWe believe in linebreeding. For our Black Angus, we follow the lead of Graham Angus, and their 50 year plus proven program. For the Polled Herefords, we continue our own 45-yr plus Hill-Vue program where we have bred Neil Trask Plato Dominos with a touch of Felton blended in several years ago.
  1. The Graham and Trask lines are very strong respectfully.